Ecoply® Structural Plywood

Ecoply™ is New Zealand’s leading brand of Structural Plywood and is manufactured from sustainably grown New Zealand plantation pine.

The Ecoply brand includes a wide range of appearance and performance rated plywood products providing durability, strength and design flexibility. All products certified to Standard AS/NZS 2269.

Structural Square EDGE

Ecoply™ Structural Square Edge plywood is available in a range of surface appearance grades, sheet sizes, thicknesses and treatments, offering a wide selection to choose from.

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Ecoply™ flooring is a purpose designed strong, stiff and stable structural plywood panel .  It incorporates special features such as grooved edges, a plastic tongue jointing system (eliminating the need for nogging) and solid second veneer for high point load and impact resistance.

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Ecoply™ Roofing is a specifically designed plywood panel used for rigid roofing overlay products, such as asphalt roof tiles and shingles.

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Grooved LINING

Ecoply™ Grooved Lining is a high appearance lining panel which adds the natural warmth and beauty of wood into any interior lining or sheltered exterior application.

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Ecoply™ Barrier is a rigid air barrier designed for use in drained wall systems in residential and commercial buildings.

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Ecoply Cut to Size panels are a specific standard range of structural panels at 1195x1195mm or 1195x595mm in size. The range incorporates 7mm-17mm thick panels with a CD face grade.

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