Futurebuild® LVL hy90®

hy90® is designed for use in structural beams where the builder wants high and consistent performance, coupled with a material that fits within 90mm framing. Applications will typically be for load-bearing lintels in houses, larger-span garage door lintels and beams, or for beams where the 90mm width is desired.

Features & Benefits

  • Manufactured from sustainably-grown NZ plantation pine.
  • Manufacturing tolerance of 2 mm/+ 0.5mm to ensure it is contained within the framing.
  • Straight and true for ease of fabrication and construction.
  • Less warp, twist and cup than double-sawn sections.
  • High and reliable strength.
  • H3.1 LOSP treatment only.
  • Available FSC® CoC Certified on request (Certificate Number: SCS-COC-001319).


Manufactured and properties evaluated in accordance with AS/NZS4357 Structural Laminated Veneer Lumber – totally compatible for engineering design in accordance with NZS3603:1993 Timber Structures Standard.

CHH Woodproducts NZ is committed to manufacturing innovative engineered building products. For quality assurance the hy90 range is manufactured with independent audit processes and product certification.

All hy90 is manufactured using a type ‘A’ bond with less than 0.5mg/l formaldehyde emissions from the final product.



designIT Houses

designIT is a software tool for all building practitioners for the design of CHH's Engineered Wood Products range and other selected materials for floor, roof and wall framing in houses and similar structures. Quick and simple to use yet deceptively powerful software, designIT is useful for the selection of beam sizes without the need for engineering knowledge or the exercise of professional engineering judgement.                                                            

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CHH Woodproducts™ Futurebuild LVL Engineers' Guide

CHH Woodproducts™ Futurebuild LVL Engineers' Guide