Wood is one of the most appealing materials for the engineering community. Versatile, sustainable, attractive yet cost effective: wood is flexible enough to create strikingly innovative designs or simple economical structures.

At CHH Woodproducts™ we aim to foster the design of timber-based solutions and have a full range of products to suit the design and construction of residential, commercial and industrial buildings.

Engineered wood products, such as the Futurebuild® LVL range, provide engineers with defined strength and stiffness properties. This means that wood products can be used in a wide range of critical elements, such as large-span portal frames as well as primary or secondary beams.

This website section for Engineers provides you with easy access to information relating to the design and development of timber-based solutions, including project case studies, software design tools and links to established timber design solution websites.

For CAD details and the full range of product information, please refer to the specific product pages.