Delivering a cutting edge workforce for future growth.

Skills Highway National Award

At CHH Woodproducts, we are constantly striving to ensure our people are armed with the right tools to be successful in their roles. In light of all the hard work and efforts from our People Development Manager who leads our company learning and development strategy, alongside our leadership teams across the business, we attended the Equal Employment Opportunities Trust awards in August 2014 and were delighted to win an award in the Skills Highway category for our Cutting Edge program.

The award recognises businesses who deliver innovative training initiatives that have a measuRABle impact on the skill level of employees. To date over 200 employees have been taken through the program which has proven to be a great success not only for the individuals concerned but also for their families, as many of the participants have transferred their new found skills to their home life.

As a business we worked hard to be recognised and receive this national award which shows not only the commitment the company has to increasing the skills and knowledge of its employees, but also the dedication and enthusiasm the participants have shown throughout the program.

Building Blocks

Now that you’ve decided to join us, we envisage your career with us to be great, that’s why we invest in our people through succession planning and career development. You’ll have access to a suite of internal training programs which we’ve built specifically in-house and also use a number of industry experts to help with technical related roles and aspects of some of our positions.

Here’s a snapshot of what you could be exposed to:


An awesome way to learn hands on the job working alongside our technical experts on a day to day basis, we offer a variety of apprenticeship programs in electrical and mechanical engineering and timber machining. There are so many avenues you can aspire to for future career paths. Take a moment to hear from one of our talented Apprentices based at our Whangarei Saw Mill here.

Wood Manufacturing Qualifications

Partnering with our Industry Training Organisation Competenz, we support our people in gaining a range of qualifications across the likes of saw doctoring, solid wood manufacturing and wood fibre manufacturing. As a new entry you may do a National Certificate to gain your first qualification, or a Diploma in technical aspects of our industry. We also support membership in a number of standard industry bodies.

Cutting Edge Managers

Carter Holt Harvey Managers are expected to keep growing their skills and management expertise in our competitive environment. We value our key managers and aim to develop them and create opportunities to advance.

During the Cutting Edge Managers program you receive personal coaching to enhance your style and leadership competencies. This also develops your skills to support and grow your people through the Cutting Edge Leaders, People and Operators program.

Cutting Edge People

This high rating program is for non-management employees to build the skills required to be a Manager in our business. These are people of influence in business support roles that are critical to our corporate and sites' successes.

Cutting Edge Leaders

Supervisors in our business hold a key position in leading teams on the shop floor. Having the right skills to lead people is essential to being successful in this role. This program is structured to take you on a learning journey to discover your capabilities as a leader in our business.

Cutting Edge Operators

At Carter Holt Harvey we recognise that a career needs a beginning. As operators at our wood manufacturing sites we provide a platform for learning in helping you build capability in essential skills relevant at work and at home.

Health & Safety Representative Training

We have an on-going commitment to ensure all our sites are well represented on Health & Safety committees and we provide Health & Safety Representative training levels 1, 2 and 3.

No matter what part of our business you join, if there is an opportunity for you to enhance your current skills and develop your personal toolbox, we provide support across various areas of our business with relevance to the role you are performing or aspiring to.