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The future of Portal Frame construction is LVL (Laminated Veneer Lumber) which has now been made easier with CHH PortalSuite™ design tools,free preliminary design service and comprehensive technical support.

Features & Benefits

CHH PortalSuite:

  • Large portal frame structures can cost significantly less than equivalent buildings constructed with steel.
  • Wood is one of the world’s most environmentally responsible building products and  has a substantial impact on carbon emissions when compared to other energy-intensive building products.
  • LVL  has a superior strength to weight ratio compared to large hot rolled section steel and can be used in a wide range of structural applications, including large span portal frames, commercial and multi-storey buildings.
  •  Prefabricated laminated veneer lumber structures arrive on site ready for immediate erection - saving time, errors and ensuring accuracy.
  • Free, no obligation Preliminary Design Service for large portal frame projects
  • Comprehensive technical support by our technical team will also provide backup and guidance relating to engineering design, detailing, fabrication and erection. Contact us for more information.


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Timber Portal Frame Prefabricators

Below is a list of companies that have had experience in the fabrication of LVL kit set buildings. As well as having fabrication experience the prefabricators have access to material cut to 100 mm increments and a monthly scheduled production period to enable supply of building systems on time and within budget. Each can be contacted for information on pricing and scheduling of individual projects.

Prefabricators in New Zealand

Ahead Buildings

Ahead Buildings is New Zealand’s leading school design and construction specialist, with over 13 years building classrooms, halls and community gymnasiums. By combining innovative design solutions with sustainable timber materials we have constructed inspiring learning environments that meet tight timetables and budgetary constraints. We believe that buildings must look great on the outside but what’s more important is that they’re great places to live and learn inside.

Carters Building Supplies

Carters are an iconic New Zealand company that originated 150 years ago with the Holt family in Napier. Built on solid foundations the business has grown to one of the largest building merchants in New Zealand with a long and proud history. Today it has a comprehensive manufacturing service that delivers high quality pre-cut, pre-nailed frames and trusses, and LVL portal frames and systems for the residential, rural and commercial markets nationwide. It has 15 manufacturing plants around New Zealand, where they can work with you to provide you with a solution that meets your demands.

At Carters everything we do is aimed at making the building easier for you Carters – Your Building Partner.

Ecospan Buildings

Ecospan Buildings is the commercial arm of Customkit and its expertise lies in the design, fabrication and manufacture of large span LVL timber portal and beam systems to accomodate the New Zealand and export markets as well as the manufacture of specialist box beam and other beam componentry.

Ecospan is a licensed Fabricator with STIC (Structural Timber Innovation Company). We are able to assist in the structural design of your commercial building or we can simply price and supply materials and components.

McIntosh Timber Laminates

McIntosh Timber Laminates are committed to providing prefabricated timber solutions. They have extensive experience in fabricating and delivering kit set LVL packages for portal frames, box beams and other composite LVL systems throughout New Zealand and beyond. With 50 years experience in gluing large section timber components they offer a reliable quality service.

Stanley Group

Stanley Group have a reputation for taking on the tough construction contracts – high value contracts with critical hygiene challenges, those in remote locations or sensitive alpine environments, corporate fitouts with challenging timeframes, contracts with client-occupied spaces or in safety-sensitive trading environments. Typically, these contracts require meticulous planning and exceptional site management. The Stanley companies use innovative construction techniques – such as modular construction – to overcome specific challenges in specific markets and locations.

Prefabricators in Australia

Timberbuilt Pty Ltd

Timberbuilt is a family owned professionally based timber engineering company specialising in the structural design and use of laminated veneer lumber (LVL).

Timber Imagineering

Timber Imagineering supply fabricated building components utlising LVL, timber and panel products. Timber Imagineering is recognised for its ability to assess, determine and meet their client's needs. In order to provide our clients with the most economical building systems Timber Imagineering offers an integrated engineering service. This includes foundations, steel, concrete and masonry to compliment the timber components, this enables and ensures that the design intent flows through all aspects of the structure.

Providing timber building systems requires careful assessment of the architectural intent in order to determine the most appropriate system. Our in-house detailing and fabrication of timber components will allow for consistent precise systems that will eliminate delays.

Industry Links

The following links have been provided for Engineers to have access to information on the most current technology available. The content of these sites has not been verified or provided by CHH Woodproducts NZ and as such CHH Woodproducts NZ can take no responsibility for any design information provided or recommended by these sites, but instead offer it for your information.

New Zealand and Australia



PORTALSUITE™ Engineering Tools

PORTALSUITE™ is an integrated system of design tools and targeted products to aid in the development of LVL Portal Frame systems. The following information and tools are available for download. Where applicable click on the associated icon to download.

  • LVL portal frame design guidelines. These general guidlines are provided to be used in conjunction with CHH Woodproducts NZ Engineering Bulletins and with sound engineering practice for design and specification of LVL portal frames.
  • Fully worked design example. A 30m clear span portal frame is provided as an aid to engineers in the development of design solutions for LVL and I-beam Portal Frame systems. This design example provides full references to standards including NZS 3603 and AS/NZS 1170 where applicable.
  • Structural Drawings for the design example. All details designed and specified within computations. These plans are not for construction
  • LVL Portal Frame Structures in New Zealand. This is a paper written by Cameron Rodger and Warwick Banks of CHH Woodproducts NZ and discusses the design and development of an LVL based solution for the Fortress Dry Mill. The building has clear internal spans of 33 m and portal frames at 10m bays.
  • Timber Engineering Design Made More Accessible. This is a paper written by Bruce Hutchings of Timberbuilt and Hank Bier of CHH Woodproducts NZ and presented to the Australasian Structural Engineering Conference in Auckland, 1999. Please note that this paper is provided for general information only. Changes to standards since it was written mean that some of the capacities provided may be outdated and should not be used for specification.
  • New LVL products for large span applications. CHH Woodproducts NZ have developed new products including 90mm thick hySPAN and Cross Banded LVL to allow designers the ability of built up sections within large span buildings. These products are project specific and have minimum order volumes. To obtain further detail or learn more about these products contact CHH Woodproducts NZ on 0800 808 1310800 808 131.


Please note that other technical information and span tables for residential applications and commercial floor design can be found under Library.

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