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The CHH Woodproducts NZ business group manufactures and markets a full range of wood-based building products. These products include timber, plywood and laminated veneer lumber (LVL). These products are supplied from five major manufacturing operations spread throughout New Zealand.

CHH Woodproducts leads the market in structural timber, plywood and LVL in New Zealand with familiar brands such as Laserframe®, Ecoply®, Shadowclad®,  Futurebuild® and hySPAN®.

Shadowclad® Plywood Cladding

Shadowclad has been used as an exterior cladding product for over 25 years and is a strong yet lightweight building material. It is available in a variety of sheet sizes, finishes and profiles allowing for maximum design flexibility.



Ecoply® Structural Plywood

The Ecoply® brand includes a wide range of appearance and performance-rated plywood products providing durability, strength and design flexibility. All Ecoply products are certified to Standard AS/NZS 2269

Handiply® Plywood

Handiply® plywood is a range of competitively-priced plywood products comprising both structurally-rated plywood and non-structural plywood.

Laserframe® Structural Timber

Laserframe® Structural Timber is a kiln-dried, structurally-graded timber for residential and commercial construction of wall frames and roof trusses and for general indoor load bearing applications. It is available in SG8 and SG10; various sizes and lengths; and treated to different hazard classes, including H1.2 Boron and H3.2 CCA.

Pinex® Outdoor Timber

Pinex® has been a trusted name in wood products for generations of New Zealanders. Today, Pinex outdoor timber products are used by many garden designers, leading landscapers, builders and DIY enthusiasts. This is because New Zealanders recognise the unique aesthetic and environmental benefits wood has to offer.

Futurebuild® LVL

At our leading-edge plant at Marsden Point, New Zealand, a sophisticated manufacturing process produces a building material called Laminated Veneer Lumber (LVL). Futurebuild® LVL is customised to create high value products for residential, commercial, formwork and scaffolding applications..